I am being greeted by a captive wolf in
I am (far right) petting a captive

Barbara Rivera

Do you know me?
You may have known
me as
Barbara Pellegrini of
B. Pellegrini's Dog
Training Service.

"Every student gets my 110% commitment to their success.  
It is important to me that dogs (and their humans) thrive."

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Education and Experience:
Barbara has..
In my past I have worked as Veterinary Technician
and with domestic and exotic animals.

In addition to dog training my interests
lie here,
Birthpower.  I also speak, write and teach about
empowered childbirth.
Over 20 years of experience as a professional dog
trainer solving problems within the home.
Studied animal behavior and psychology at Cook
College, Rutgers University.
Studied dog behavior through attending seminars at
Cornell University & with Cesar Millan.
Studied captive wolves at Wolf Park, Indiana.
Teaching good eye contact- which
is essential for an obedient dog.
A happy dog who is willing to please
and eager to learn.

I have been providing expert
dog training services in the
NJ, NY area
for over 20 years.
ABOVE: Oscar & I
Trust is essential for a good relationship with your dog.  Learning
together in a positive way creates that bond.
About Us
Some personal photos
My rescue, Rex, (deceased) and
my son in 2009.
ABOVE: Cesar Milan and I after his workshop. He was very kind.
ABOVE: An orphaned kitten. Now Dexter, my son.
Dexter with my daughter on the right. Our family has 4 cats.
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